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Mocking Bird Medley – Joe Belmont (circa 1900)

Welcome to the new edition of Dawn of Sound. It’s been a while since I?ve updated the site, mostly due to space/cost issues with maintaining a sound archive. My original plan for Dawn of Sound was to archive all my sound files on my webhost’s server but it was just too expensive to host all the files. Space was another issue, forcing me to compress the files with low bit rates so I could offer more recordings; because of the compression, the quality suffered. But then, comes to the rescue. I?ve started using the service because not only do they offer free server space to host media files but because they allow high bit rate archival quality files.

I hope you enjoy the site and come back often to listen to new old tunes.

And now for the first sound post of the year?..

Whistling tunes were popular in the late 1890 early 1900s and among the recording artists that specialized in Bird imitation records Joe Belmont was probably the most popular. His specialty number “Mocking Bird” was his most famous recording and various versions were recorded for the almost 47 record companies he had recorded for. The version offered here is from a brown wax Columbia Cylinder. It sounds a bit rough but not bad for a recording made over 100 years ago!

Joe Belmont – Mocking Bird Medley from Columbia 725, Brown Wax Cylinder, Recorded Circa 1900.


Published: January 1, 2007